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Our district publishes all public notices here on the website and sends an email notice to all persons who have requested or agreed to receive them.  The dates and times for our regular board meetings, with proposed agendas, are found in the "Board Meetings" section of this website.

Other notices and general announcements may also be posted on the website, sent to our email list, or posted on our community bulletin board, as appropriate.

Other documents are accessible through the "Notices and Documents" menu on the left side of this page.

All currently scheduled meetings are accessible from the lower portion of the Home Page

Monthly board meeting notice: 

The next regular board meeting will be on Tuesday, October 12, online at 6 PM.  Notice & Agenda

Board work session notice: 

There is no work session currently scheduled.

This is a public meeting and all interested persons are invited to attend. This is a public meeting but not a public hearing, so there may or may not be an opportunity for public comment during the work session.

Budget Committee Meeting: 

No budget meeting is currently scheduled.  These meetings are typically convened in April, May and June of each year.

The Budget Committee meetings concluded with a proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 on its last meeting on June 9, 2021. Please see the Budget Committee Meetings Page for more information. The Budget Hearing was held June 29, 2021. Please see the Monthly Board Meetings page for final budget details and documents.

Information meeting notice:

These meetings are scheduled by the board as needed to gather information from outside sources on topics related to district business.  There is no information meeting currenlty scheduled.