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Coliform tests, water treatment update

Your water district board wants bring you an update on the water testing issues we have been working with since mid-June.

After we had a positive test on October 14 for both total coliforms and E. coli (our first for E. coli) the district administered chlorine treatment.  Subsequent tests have remained negative so far with intermittent treatment.

The state order to institute continuous chlorine treatment will remain in effect.  It appears that UV light treatment, which treats the water coming in from the source but does not provide residual protection downstream in the rest of the system, is not an acceptable option.  Plans for a chlorine treatment facility are in process.  This facility cannot be postponed to a future infrastructure project.

As we learn more, we will continue to update our community.

Next board meeting Tuesday December 15

The next regular board meeting will be held online via Zoom at 6 PM Tuesday December 15.  This is a public meeting and all interested persons are invited to attend.

How to attend district meetings online  

Instructions for attending district meetings online are included on each meeting notice and agenda.  To attend with video and audio, you will need to download  free Zoom meeting software.  If you have not downloaded the software, a prompt from Zoom should appear asking permission to do so.

To attend by phone (audio only) without downloading software, follow the instructions on meeting notice.

For community members on the district news email list, a direct invitation with a link and a phone number will be sent.  If you are not on that email list, and wish to be added, contact By Oregon law, no district board meetings or board work sessions, in person or online or by phone, can occur without public notice and access.

Notices and agendas will be posted for all  public meetings convened by the district.

All public meetings will be recorded and links to those recordings will posted on the website as a public record.  In addition, an archive of all meeting recordings will be maintained.

Office operating on restricted basis

To reduce risk to both customers and staff during the pandemic, the district office will be not be engaging in face-to-face interaction with customers until further notice. If you have an urgent concern and have any trouble communicating via the office phone or email, you probably know how to reach the community volunteers who serve as board members...or your neighbor does. For non-urgent issues, the office and board members can also be reached by email through this website.