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Board appoints Dana Taylor to position #2, Dick Cutler to position #3, and Tom Kammerer to position #5. Three board positions also on May ballots

At the March 9 meeting, the board appointed Dana Taylor to position #2 after the resignation of Buz Backenstow.  Dana's appointment will fill that position until the end of June 2021.  He has filed to run in the May election to fill the remainder of that position's term until the end of June 2023.

At the April 13 meeting, Dick Cutler was appointed to fill postion #3 after the resignation of Patricia Anderson and Tom Kammerer was appointed to fill postion #5 after the resignation of Dan Gleason. The terms for positons #3 & #5 run to the end of June 2023.

The board wants to thank the resigning commissioners for their years of devoted service.  

Our county clerk has put position #2 on the May 18, 2021 ballot.  Two other board positions, #1 and #4, were already on the ballot.  The May election will fill the remaining two years of position #2 from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023.  Positions #1 and #4 are 4 year terms, from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2025.

Next board meeting Tuesday, May 11

The next regular board meeting will be held online via Zoom at 6 PM Tuesday May 11, 2021.  This is a public meeting and all interested persons are invited to attend.

Board work session meeting TBA

These meetings are scheduled by the board, as needed. There will be a work session scheduled in the near future to discuss the chlorination project.

This is a public meeting and all interested persons are invited to attend.  This is a public meeting but not a public hearing, so there may or may not be an opportunity for public comment during the work session.  

How to attend district meetings online  

Instructions for attending district meetings online are included on each meeting notice and agenda.  To attend with video and audio, you will need to download  free Zoom meeting software.  If you have not downloaded the software, a prompt from Zoom should appear asking permission to do so.

To attend by phone (audio only) without downloading software, follow the instructions on meeting notice.

For community members on the district news email list, a direct invitation with a link and a phone number will be sent.  If you are not on that email list, and wish to be added, contact  By Oregon law, no district board meetings or board work sessions, in person or online or by phone, can occur without public notice and access.

Notices and agendas will be posted for all  public meetings convened by the district.

All public meetings will be recorded and links to those recordings will be posted on the website as a public record.  In addition, an archive of all meeting recordings will be maintained.

Result of state meeting- No chlorination until facility installed; increased testing

The anticipated meeting between high-level representatives of the Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Services (OHA DWS) and the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) occurred on Tuesday, January 26.  Our immediate regulator from Lincoln County Environmental Health was in attendance.  The district was informed of the results the following day.. 

We have confirmation that the review process of the plans we submitted for the required chlorination facility is now underway.  DEQ now has a copy of those plans to review as part of this process.  All are committed to a cooperative review process.  As always, this may result in changes to the submitted plans.  As part of this process, they will decide how to handle our original deadline.

OHA DWS and DEQ have already been in direct contact with the district, and they will contact us further if they need additional information.  We will need to wait to hear from them.  

We have been instructed to follow the plan initially laid out on Friday January 22.  We will no longer chlorinate until the new facility is online.  Once the new facility is complete and inspected, continuous chlorination of our water will be required going forward.

At this time, the state and county consider our water safe to drink.  But for our continued safety, we will need to test more frequently.

We will continue to submit our routine water testing for bacteria at an increased frequency of every two weeks.  As indicated by further test results or advice by our regulators, we may need to submit samples even more frequently.

We want our community to be aware that if we get a positive E. coli test result at any point before the chlorination facility is online, we must send in another sample within 24 hours.  If that sample confirms the presence of E. coli, we must issue a boil water notice.  That would then be in effect until the new chlorination facility is online.  

At this time a boil water notice is not imminent, and we hope that we will not have a positive E. coli test.  But we want our community to be prepared, should that occur.  We would have to use either boiled (rolling boil for 1 minute) or bottled water for drinking, ice making, tooth brushing, and food preparation until daily chlorination begins.  If you have traveled in Mexico, you likely are familiar with the drill.

Below is a link to an OHA FAQ sheet that describes in more detail what uses would or would not require boiled or bottled water.


Office operating on restricted basis

To reduce risk to both customers and staff during the pandemic, the district office will be not be engaging in face-to-face interaction with customers until further notice. If you have an urgent concern and have any trouble communicating via the office phone or email, you probably know how to reach the community volunteers who serve as board members...or your neighbor does. For non-urgent issues, the office and board members can also be reached by email through this website.