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District meetings

Note: All meetings are currently held online

Until further notice, to protect health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, these meetings will be conducted online via Zoom. For the duration of the emergency, public meeting law no longer requires us to provide a physical location, as long as the online meeting is accessible to the public.  See the agenda for each scheduled meeting for the link to access that meeting online.


District meetings are public meetings and interested persons are invited to attend.  Currently, there are three types of meetings:

Monthly board meetings

The board meets monthly on the second Tuesday that follows the first Monday of the month.  In late June of each year, the board holds a second special meeting to vote on the next fiscal year's budget proposal, which has been presented at its regular meeting at least two weeks earlier.

Work sessions

The board occasionally schedules work sessions to address particular projects or issues.  This allows more time than is typically available in the monthly meeting.

Budget committee meetings

The budget committee, comprised of five registered voters who reside in the district and the five board members, meets to develop the budget for the next fiscal year, or if the current budget needs significant amendment.

See the meeting Agenda for the link and instructions to attend the next district meeting online via computer, tablet, telephone, or smartphone. For community members on the district news email list, a direct invitation with a link may be sent. If you are not on that email list, and wish to be added, contact

Beginning with the April board meeting, the official minutes posted on this website for all public meetings are the recording of the online meeting. These recordings can be played after downloading. Typed summaries of meetings will be posted as supplemental documents for each meeting.