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Easements and Right-of-Ways

Otter Rock Water District and North West Natural Water (NWNW)/Hiland Water Corporation will on occasion have a need to access water lines adjacent to roads and private property. Oregon law gives public utilities access to right-of-ways as easements for this purpose. There are several reasons the District and NWNW/Hiland may need to dig in easements including meter installation, EPA documentation, service line repairs and improvements. In cities these boundaries are more apparent, in more rural communities they can become more blurred. Please be aware that the District has the right to access easements to provide service, and will do so in the safest, least intrusive manner and refill the areas accessed. However, if business and homeowners have made plantings or structures that go beyond property boundaries and encroach on the
easement the District is still entitled to access the easement.

Thank you for your understanding.