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12/18 News of the Month

Water meters:  As of Dec. 11, nineteen new water meters have been installed: eighteen for homes and one for commercial service at the Community Center.  Leaks continue to be discovered during the process of meter installation.  Some have been in the district supply system; most have been in home water systems.

Were it not for the meter installations, these leaks would have gone undetected.

The water system leaks have been at the connections from the water mains to the customer supply lines.   The home water system leaks have included silent toilet valve leaks and a faulty drip irrigation control.

New ordinances:  Two new ordinances had first public readings at the Dec. 11 board meeting.  

The System Development Charge (SDC) ordinance will establish a fee, assessed at the time of issuance of a building permit, to ensure that new construction in the district pays its fair share of both past and future costs of constructing our water system.  The second reading of this ordinance will be at a special board meeting at 6 PM on Dec. 18.

The water curtailment ordinance is designed to establish measures for curtailment of water use during times of shortage.  It will have its second reading at the next regular board meeting at 6 PM on January 8.

To read the draft text of these ordinances, go to the Notices and Documents tab at the top of this page and select Proposed Ordinances from the drop-down menu.